Located in the center of Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, a beautiful, historical and cultural Chinese city with countless celebrities, Zhejiang Industry Polytechnic College (ZJIPC for short) is a full-time public college. It is about 18 minutes by high speed train to Hangzhou and 1.5 hours by high speed train to Shanghai.  The college was founded in 1979 and in 2002 its establishment was officially completed.  The college is devoted to cultivating high-quality and high-skills talents with humanity, the spirit of constant pursuing and originality, social responsibility and the ability of innovation and business startups.  Currently, ZJIPC is granted as the Excellent High Vocational College in Zhejiang Province and the Model of High Vocational College in Zhejiang Province, the Experimental Unit of Vocational University in Zhejiang Province.

The college includes two campuses, namely Meishan and Jinghu, covering an area of 912 acres, with 345,000 square meters construction areas. Now ZJIPC has run 9 secondary departments: Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Design and Art, Department of Finance and Economics, Department of Business and Trade, Department of Architecture and Engineering, Department of Transportation, Department of Jian Hu (including Department of Textile Engineering、 Department of Yellow Rice Wine and Department of Health) and Department of Social Science and Humanities. The college offers students 37 majors such as mechatronics and numerical control technology, containing 2 majors that are supported by the central finance, 6 majors recognized as excellent in Zhejiang Province, and 12 majors highlighted as characteristic in Zhejiang province.  ZJIPC possesses 15 excellent courses that are above the provincial-level, including one state-level excellent course and one national excellent resource sharing course.  The new energy vehicle technology resource base is affirmed as 2018 National Vocational Education Professional Teaching Resource Base. 

ZJIPC has more than 12,000 full-time students and nearly 2000 students for continuing education.  The number of teaching staff is close to 800, involving 153 senior teachers, 72 doctors and postdoctoral fellows (including doctoral candidates).  ZJIPC has 2 teachers that obtain special allowance from the State Council, 2 teachers who are granted as National Labor Medal, 11 state-level and province-level high skills talents, 1 outstanding teacher in education field in Zhejiang Province, 1 chief leader in key technological and initiative team in Zhejiang Province, 1 teacher that is among the first level of the 151 Talents Engineering, 8 teachers that is among the third level of the 151 Talents Engineering, 1 teacher who is in charge of 2011 Collaborative Innovation Center, 1 teacher that manages the provincial key laboratory, 2 Labor Models in Zhejiang Province, 3 Chief Technicians in Zhejiang Province, 5 excellent teachers in Zhejiang Province, 8 excellent political and ideological assistants, 3 up-and-coming stars in educational field in Zhejiang Province, 20 academic leaders in Zhejiang Province, 15 young teachers that are subsidized by Zhejiang Province, 2 teachers who achieve the Golden Hammer Medal, 1 teacher that is one of the first batch of vocational skills leaders in Zhejiang Province, 1 provincial economic, technological and innovative staff model, 1 accounting leader in Zhejiang Province, 6 teachers selected into the “Five First” Talents Engineering in the province-owned enterprises, etc..  Among them, double quality teacher reaches 85%.

ZJIPC pays special attention to boosting the scientific research coordination ability. After the provincial scientific and technological achievements are auctioned regularly, ZJIPC becomes the first college to offer auction.  According to the Research Report of High Vocational College Scientific Research Competitiveness Evaluation released by East China Normal University Vocational Education and Adult Education Institute and other units, ZJIPC ranks third among all the high vocational colleges in Zhejiang Province, and ranks first especially for the two second-level indexes, i.e. Chinese Science Citation Database and Core Journals regulated by Peking University.

ZJIPC is in possession of the national tight talents training base, the numerical control training base and the architectural engineering technology training base, which are supported by the central finance, and the vocational education faculty training bases in Zhejiang Province. ZJIPC has built ten sorts of training bases, that is, more than 140 training bases, with real or simulation environment such as Electrical, Electronic and smart control training base, modern manufacture technology training base, modern textile dyeing technology training base and construction engineering technology training base.  The first government and college cooperated public training base, Shaoxing Public Practice Training Base and Shaoxing Industrial Designing Base are built in the college. The former is the state-level demonstration site of public practice training base, titled as national high-skilled talents training base, outstanding demonstration sites for staff education and training throughout the country, and is also identified as the 45th World Skills numerical control lathe program.  Shaoxing Industrial Designing Base is the model base for industrial designing in Shaoxing.

Oriented to school-enterprise cooperation as well as integration of enterprises with vocational schools and universities, the college’s tenet is to serve regional economic and social development. It has set such characteristic departments to serve the regional special industry as Department of Yellow Rice Wine and Department of Textile Engineering. The Department of Yellow Rice Wine is the first department about yellow rice wine and owns the first production line of yellow rice wine technology for training in China.  At present, ZJIPC has been cooperating with a great deal of outstanding regional enterprises, with the purpose of jointly training the working staff in companies, offering technology and supporting the companies with high skilled talents from the college. In addition, it also plays a significant part in the formulation of yellow rice wine national standards and Zhejiang Provincial group standards. The college has been continuously promoting the cooperation with a large quantity of famous international enterprises, for instance, working together with DMG MORI to develop educational resources and cultivate talents with high skills in the field of numerical control.  Since honored as the training base for interns during the summer holidays by the Porsche Company in China in 2014, the college has jointly cultivated more than 100 teachers and intern students for the auto industry.

With the aim of becoming a modern influential vocational college throughout the world, ZJIPC is committed to promote the international exchange and cooperation. Currently, it has established cooperative relationships with more than 60 colleges and universities throughout the world, and has selected more than 150 faculty to exchange or take trainings abroad. Supported by Hangzhou Iron & Steel Group Co., LTD., the college has set up Sino-German Vocational Education Center and Sino-German Talents Cultivation Base for Inspection and Testing. Additionally, ZJIPC has further improved the international training bases’ construction by cooperating with the Porsche Company in Germany and Rockwell Automation Inc. in America, etc..  For the international skills certification, the college offers relevant certification training, and the number of certificate holders has reached 132.

ZJIPC continuously practices the “Yuanpei Plan” relating to the curricular teaching innovation, underscores students who are taught according to their natural ability to study autonomously, provides more ways to become various talents and satisfies the need of different and individual cultivation.  The periods of small class teaching in ZJIPC occupies 46.1%, and the courses that are divided and sorted account for 31.4% in the whole curricula. The college attaches great importance to creating technical skills culture brand, focusing on the cultivation of students ' practical abilities. The students have won prizes at all levels and competitions throughout the country. In the past three years, ZJIPC has 1489 students, among which 36 students won 20 country-level first prizes, winning 611 awards in and above the provincial level in all kinds of skills contest. Besides, the average employment rate for the recent three years is higher than 98%.  Meanwhile, ZJIPC pays special attention to enriching students’ extracurricular life.  Up to now, it has 20 clubs, including the reading club, the photographing club, the music club, the English club, ect., all of which aim to encourage students to participate in various activities so as to improve their social abilities. 

Amid the leap development of vocational education, in order to further promote school reform, ZJIPC faculty is united and forging ahead by carrying the great ambition in the new era and being in good spirit. ZJIPC is working with great and sustaining efforts towards the goal of becoming a distinctive modern higher vocational college which is on top ranking in the province, well-known in the country and having a certain influence overseas.