Departments & Programs

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Intelligent Architectural Engineering

Electrical Automation

Electronic Information Engineering

Electromechanical Integration

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Numerical Control

Mold Design and Manufacture

Mechanical Manufacture and   Automation

NC Equipment Application and   Maintenance

Mechanical Designing   Manufacture and Automation (for bachelor’s degree)

Department of Design and Art

Computer Application   Technology

Industrial Design

Information Security and   Management

Visual Communication Design and   Manufacture

Digital Media Application   Technology

Computer Information   Management

Department of Finance and Economics


Tax (Enterprise Accounting and   Tax)

Assets Assessment and   Management (Appraisal and Marketing of Real Estate )



Department of Business and Trade

International Trade Practice

Electronic Commerce


Department of Architecture and Engineering


Road and Bridge Engineering

Architectural Decoration

Civil Engineering

Architectural Management

Engineering Economy

Department of Transportation


New Energy Automobile   Integration

Detection and Repair   Technology

Automobile Electronic   Technology

Automobile Marketing and   Service

Department of Jian Hu

(including Deaprtment of Yellow Rice Wine,

Department of Textile Engineering,

and Department of Health)


Brewing Technology (Yellow   Wine Brewing)

Modern Textile Technology

Textile Design (Dyeing and   Weaving Design)

Textile Testing and Trade


Department of Social Science and Humanities