Huikedu Technology Group Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Branch Office Delegation Visits ZJIPC


On April, 23rd, 2019, Huikedu Technology Group Co., Ltd. Zhejiang Branch Office Delegation, headed by Manager Zhu Lang, visited Zhejiang Industry Polytechnic College (ZJIPC for short). Vice President Luo Wenyan, Director of the General Affairs Office Lin Kewei, Deputy Director of Department of Design and Art Song Wenfei, etc. warmly received the visitors and both parties had a friendly meeting afterwards.

The meeting was mainly focused on running schools jointly with foreign universities and the specific problems related to it such as the application procedures of running schools, the construction of majors, the cultivation of talents.  Both parties also made initial consensus on how to make use of Huikedu Technology Group to assist ZJIPC to bring in foreign excellent educational resources and how to transfer the advanced technology achievements to the educational resources in ZJIPC.